Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Virgin Blog

There are occurences in life that often lead from one to another, the creation of this blog is one such occurence of my life.  In the weeks prior to the one we currently occupy, my life has gone topsy-turvy, over-and-under, and every way in between.  Previously, I would have scoffed at writing a blog.  Now, as I sit in my quiet, empty house I realize that it is a necessity of outlet in my life.

I could tell you about all the wrong and depressing things that I have had to experience, but I would rather write starting today and leading to tomorrow, and maybe after that I will write about the next day. Living in the past is not living; it is existing within a realm that will never change, that will never reward and that will never refine. My past is causing me pain, why stay there? Because the future might cause you pain at any point in time?  I would rather risk potential pain then live in a stew of it.

This is probably a confusing and rather boring first blog.  Just remember that it is the blog which has popped my blogger-cherry.  Was your first time having sex the most glorious?  I may have done something wrong, but I know mine wasn't. I know better will come one day.