Monday, January 2, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Really Matters....

Over the past few months it has become blatantly obvious to me what really matters in life, and what doesnt matter so much.  These things vary from person to person, but there is always a level of "matter-some" (so-to-speak) to each general thing on a list, it is almost like a common sense thing.  There are just some things that shouldn't be considered so egregious and terrible and yet somehow they are.  There are some things that people should just know not to do, and completely ignore it and completely forget the fact that they said things, and did things and expressed things that are completely contradictory to the things that they are currently expressing.

Prime example, sometimes relationships just don't work out.  Look at every person in the world, and look at how different each and every one of those people are, what are the odds that the one person you happened upon is that ONE person just for you.  Not very likely.  It is not a crime to end a relationship, it is not a crime to part ways, it is NOT WRONG...the truth is that it just happens.  I watch T.V. and I see how people act and I wonder....why are they acting so insane about this?  Why would they have wanted this person to stay with them when they weren't happy?  If one person is not happy, then both cannot be happy.  It just seems like relationship physics to me.  It is like...the laws of gravity.  The pull of one persons unhappiness weights down the happiness of the entire relationship.  FACT.

It is for the above logic that I don't understand why I would be hearing things about someone I once ended a relationship with.  I don't want to say I never spoke a bad word about that person, but the words that were spoken were only to TWO individuals which I have very intimate relationships with AND people that have no connection to him.  Trash talking always hurts, I don't care who you are, but when you hear bad things said about you there is that tiny elementary school child inside of all of us that winces for atleast that split second. There is no need to talk dirty about someone that you have supposedly moved on from.  There is no need because they were just one of the stepping stones on the path that they took to get them to the right "ONE".  Thus, you should respect them for giving you a solid platform upon which to stride, even if it is simply the silent kind.  No words is far better then hateful or mean ones.  In addition, if the other individual has had enough respect to not speak poorly to anyone holding a mutual relationship, then that person should also have the same consideration, if not for a respect for you as a person they once held dear, then out of a respect for the fact that you are simply another individual who exists in this world and has relationships with people other then just you.  Relationships that are held dear by both parties.

My rant is almost complete.  I simply have to say, that I wish people looked more at what really mattered in the grand scheme of things.  Speaking ill of someone is simply "bad joo-joo" for the soul, we all know it because we all get that sick, icky feeling on our tongues and in our stomach when we do it.  So I ask all of you, the next time you get that urge to speak poorly, replace it with something doesnt have to be something positive about that person, but anything positive.  If you can't think of anything I will give you one of mine, "Less-pretty people need love too!"  The fact of the matter is that our actions today, determines the outcomes we receive tomorrow.  Nothing positive can come from something negative, except for the really tough lessons that we learn from.  We wouldnt even have to learn those if we would just take a step back and listen to the people around us who have made those mistakes already.  So, take my advice and find out for yourself if I am right and if the nasty, hateful words are what really matters to you in life.  Only you can decide what really matters to you.