Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where I'v been...

Hello bloggers!  WHEW...it seems I came and left the blogger world at almost the same time.  Well, life has taken me topsy-turvy, swervy-curvy and every other frivolous term for "all over the friggin place" that you can come up with.  I've learned a lot about myself , life and most of all love.  The last I left off in my life was being seperated from my husband and in love with "the man of my dreams".  I have to tell you, that it is the hardest times in your life that you learn the most, in the following I have listed some of the things that I have cached into my ever-growing treasure trove of wisdom.

1)  There is a reason you wake up from your dreams.  They fade, they dissipate and they simply are not reality.  After all, if dreams were reality would they still be so special?  I had a chance with the "man of my dreams", and I woke up from that dream and I returned to reality, that reality is my family, to include my formerly estranged husband.  While our relationship has many kinks to be worked out, they are my reality and my love and everything that I would give anything for.  I would never say anything ill about the former dream guy, it is simply useless to do here, but I will say that I have been perfectly fine with leaving that dream in amongst the dreamland from whence it came.  My family is whole, my children are happy and life is most fulfilling for me in the reality amongst which I am know living (not dreaming).

2)  Just because a person makes a mistake doesn't mean they should be damned forever.  The bitterness, anger and hurt that you hold for them only lasts as long as you are willing to hold that grudge.  Forgiveness is freedom, forgiveness is peace, forgiveness (the true and unfettered kind) is the path to renewal.  My husband and I have gone through so much in the past months, but we have both truly forgiven it all.  That doesn't mean that our relationship is perfect, but it means that we are both truly committed to it. Somehow, I trust him and love him and have more faith in him and our relationship than I ever have before.

3)  There is nothing more valuable in the world than having that one true friend who loves you AND loves who you love simply because you love them and they love you (read it a few more times and it will make sense to you).  :) 

4)  Those who criticize the person who returns to an estranged spouse must forget what wedding vows are.  Hey, I've been divorced before, I obviously know that sometimes things just can't work.  But if it can work, don't those vows mean that is what you swore before God that you would do?  Honestly, for all you critics...let's look at who is really the a$$hole here.

5)  No matter how hard things are, now matter how much a decision hurts you or hurts those around you the sun keeps shining, the moon keeps rising and the world keeps turning.  The best thing to do is make sure you keep turning with it and the more positive the twist you put on it the more enjoyable turning with it will be.