Thursday, July 7, 2011


It was a sweet intoxication to look into his eyes,
a sweet intoxication with a forboding...looming...reprise.

The taste, the touch, the power of the steeping, reaching air,
is the simply, sweet intoxications drastic nom de guerre.

The sweet turns to bitter, the bitter turns to sour
and then it comes the witching hour.

The Sweet intoxication of lovers losing all their dreams,
The Sweet Intoxication of their fights and angry screams.
The Sweet Intoxication escalates and rises,
Until it rips, until it tears and Intoxication loses all disguises.

The Intoxicated rhythm....the Intoxicated rhyme...
matched with the Intoxicated moments in an Intoxicated time.

The sweet Intoxication, not really sweet at all.
Has been the cause of hearts demise...
and has sweetly made them lose it all.


  1. Charles Baudelaire's Intoxication

    "...or with what you will."

  2. I couldnt agree with him more. I should have advised that this was written closely following the seperation with my first husband.

  3. Does it mean I am on Facebook too much if I tried to "like" Helga's comment? lol

  4. hahahaha! He is a blogger AND a FB addict! Who knew?! And yes...the only thing worse than that is if you were trying to like the good essays that you grade!