Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Notes to Myself...and to Those Who Might Need Them.

7.) You are subject only to what people tell you.  And nothing more. You may think that you have been given all the information, but always listen to the voice in the back of your head when it says that something is awry.  Listening to that little voice may someday be your saving grace, or the only umbrella from the rain (or in this case hail).  There is always more to the story.  What is left out could have been forgotten, but it may also have been an omission of a very stark reality. 

6.) The truth will set you free...or atleast make life easier. I have told lies in my life (especially lies of omission). They are never fun when happened upon by either party.  It would be in your best interest to come forth with your situation, no matter how shocking or unappealing, then to let it slap yourself or someone else in the face.  I have gained more respect by presenting an undesirable situation then by concealing it.  Hey, you know my past situation...I promise you that I could offer you some useful advice on yours, and I would deeply respect you for it. 

5.) We are two lost souls, swimmin in a fish bowl. But, we all know that we swam with someone else what? And some people can swim better than others, eventually we all learn and there is no shame in the occasional mis-stroke.

4.)  Perception is not reality. A chihuahua seemed like a great pet....this was not so. My first ex-husband appeared to be sane....this was not so. Both my ex-husbands I believed had eternal love for me....this was not so.  I looked in his eyes and and thought I saw something real, something meaningful...and this was not so.

3.) Just because they don't wear a wedding band doesn't mean they're not married.  And we will just leave that one at that.

2.) You can't help someone if they don't confide in you.  No matter how much you want to, if someone hasn't asked for the help or volunteered the information you cannot go into their office and lay the wrongly acquired cards on the table.  They must have a reason for hiding that skeleton in the closet, especially after they have told you so much. 

1.) Always keep your guard up until the situation dictates otherwise. Yeah, it saved your ass this time Corporal. (<me.)


  1. That's a lot of notes. Will this be on the test?

  2. Yes...and I will grade grammar and mechanics harshly (especially comma's) ;)

  3. How about apostrophes? lol

  4. bahahahaha! I would never presume to edit someone's personal blog. :)